Tennessee Installment Lenders Association

Tennessee Installment Lenders Association

The Tennessee Installment Lenders Association is determined to advance and promote sound lending practices, and:

  • To present a favorable image of the industry to the public by explaining the economic benefit which the industry makes to the economy of the State of Tennessee and to the individuals and families who rely on the installment consumer finance industry for financial help and solutions.

  • To assist and cooperate with State regulatory agencies for the good of the industry and for the individuals and families we serve.

  • To provide for the exchange of ideas among members.

  • To provide conferences with representatives of the public.

  • To promote ethical standards for the installment consumer finance industry in the State of Tennessee.

  • To inspire and encourage the industry to maintain the principles upon which this group is founded.

TILA is committed to continuing the principles and ideals of our founding members!



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In May 1965, a group of installment lenders in Tennessee met with the purpose of creating an association for those companies lending money under the Tennessee Industrial Loan & Thrift Act. These individuals created the Tennessee Installment Lenders Association for the study and continuing improvement of conditions existing in the extension of credit facilities to individuals and families.

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