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TILA has two categories for membership: Regular Members and Associate Members

Regulars Members are those individuals or corporations whose primary business activities consist of lending money to individuals in the State of Tennessee under licenses granted pursuant to the Industrial Loan and Thrift Act. All Regular Members have to declare all of their offices and agree to pay dues on each of those offices. Each member of TILA agrees to use every honorable means to persuade or induce all individuals, firms or corporations, engaged in the business of making loans to comply with the legal regulations issued by the Department of Insurance and Banking and to endeavor to protect borrowers against the payment of higher interest rates or charges other than permitted by law.

Associate Members are those individuals or corporations whose business is related to the loan business.

 All members of TILA agree to obey the laws of Tennessee that govern the business they operate and to observe and strictly comply with all rules and regulations.

TILA Membership Application
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Executive Director, Tennessee Installment Lenders Association 
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